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Pixxor Office Renovation

Proposal for Pixxor Office Renovation in central Bangkok requests for a contemporary image for Pixxor to create a distinctive office building from somewhat repetitive blocks. This will be a new home for Pixxor who looks to expand and project a brand new identity. 

The design concept is to enlarge the existing footprint and provide controlled natural light, transparency and ventialtion into the office floors. All existing windows will be replaced with double-glazed low-e glass in aluminium frames. A secondary skin will be introduced to allow sun protection from west-facing facade to prevent glare and reduce heat gain. 

Varying degree of facade transparency will be carefully designed to promote comfort in working conditions. 

A rooftop extension will be designed to be part of the facade with a small open balcony as a break out space for users to appreciate view of 

Pixxor Office Renovation
: Bangkok, Thailand

: Circa 7 million Baht