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Concept stage

Bagan River Hotel

This is a redevelopment of a site which is situated within the Ancient Monument Zone in Bagan, Myanmar. The site contains existing ancient pagodas with a view of the rvier. The design intention is to creat a unique river hotel which embraces the resort architecture of openness, relaxation and tranquility with contemporary touch. The experience to the hotel will be enhanced through a journey
through and around landscape and gardens. The hotel accomodation will be divided into two zones: Exclusive Villa Zone and 4-star Accoommdation Zone.
All one-storey exclusive villas have benefit of the total privacy and full frontal view of the river. The villas are slightly placed on an angle and being part of the slope to obtain long view of the river and horizon. From the higher ground, the villas are almost completely hidden from the spectator by line of trees behind. The experience of going to the villa is through garden walks and the full extent of river view can only be appreciated once arrived.
The two-storey accommodation take the higher zone stretch toward the back of site to give a more communal feel to the masterplan layout. Buildings, slightly raised and oriented towards the long view of the river, are arranged in small clusters to create garden walks and courtyards in-between. One gets constant experience of moving through larger open space into more intimate gardens as one approaches closer to the sleeping accommodation.

Bagan River Hotel
: Bagan, Myanmar