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Urban Design

Seashell Hotel Al-Seef West

The brief requested a design aesthetic that would make a bold statement with regards to the prominent location of the hotel – nestled in a heavily developed luxury residential bay in Abu Dhabi.

The concept was to reflect the essence of the coastal location and in particular its marine life to drive the form of the hotel. The inspiration came from the organic and fluid forms of the countless sea shells located along the coastline. The twisting, curving nature of the undulating surface of the shells translated quite readily into a sweeping, organic statement by contrasting with the surrounding dense urban development.

The verticality of the shell evokes a sense of drama and in this instance created an interesting dynamic by placing it next to a similarly shaped but shorter shell adjacent. Thus the hotel took the form of two shells standing on their ends and pointing towards the sky. In this way the central areas between the two structures took on the function of a glazed connecting core which housed glass fronted lifts facing the bay. The hotel canopy continues with the sweeping nature of the faade as it wraps around the ground floor lobby entrance to create a grand waterfront plaza.

Seashell Hotel Al-Seef West
: Abu Dhabi