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Urban Design

Cannon House Naihan beach

The clients wanted a fresh take on three contemporary 1250sqm luxury homes overlooking the bay at Naiharn Beach in Phuket, having had previous designs coming up short in terms of impact and creativity. The concept was to create a full site experience by maximizing the views at key locations – thereby using the roof level of each house as a series of connected viewing platforms.

The houses were made up of three protrusions, almost like ‘cannons’ which were staggered both vertically to reflect the slope of the site location and horizontally to create a full lateral viewing experience regardless of where in the house you were.

The upper most ‘cannon’ was purposely positioned so the roof level was as the same height as the main access road; this way the volume of the house was not discernible by passers by and instead would read as a platform – with the initial volume of the house actually below this ‘viewing platform’. This
allowed for a dramatic entry point down a flight of stairs directly into the double height living room with panoramic views of the bay. The concept as a whole challenged the typical horizontal response to a hillside beach house, focusing instead on controlled moments within the building where you would experience the striking scenery. The staggering of the building elements also was a direct response to the demanding nature of the site with regards to
how best to navigate the uneven slope.

Cannon House Naihan beach
: Phuket, Thailand