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Concept stage

Kanok Studio

The project had to work in tandem with the existing and well known furniture making facility housed on the site. The clients wanted to take advantage of the proximity of the nearby university campus and the upcoming BTS station opposite by promoting artistic activities within a carefully designed creative
community consisting of low-rise flexible spaces, studios and integrated outdoor event areas. However, what was essential was that the Kanok brand and image must be promoted and act as a source of inspiration for the new buildings.

The scheme comprised of two distinct areas and facilities – the large studios housed at the rear of the site and a new creative ‘hub’ forming the entrance to the site. The studios were designed to showcase the Kanok identity via the fa็ade. Any waste material from the factory would be housed in individual, clear weather proof modules. These modules would then bolt to one another to form a secondary skin wall for the studios. The idea was taken further by not only having Kanok waste as in-fill material for the modules but also anything that the public wanted to showcase – old toys, paper, boxes….
anything at all. Through this creative process the local community would be involved with the inception of the faade – reflecting the collaborative and community spirit that the clients sought in the Kanok project. The concept for the creative ‘hub’ was more introspective than the celebration of the faade
showcased in the studio buildings. Here, the idea was to form a solid ‘edge’ at the road side to act as a protective barrier between the busy and polluted main road and the activities taking place within the new enclosure. A sense of community was a key driver for the design and it was felt this would be best achieved through a combination of low-rise buildings and interconnecting/ flexible spaces – designed around outdoor event zones.

Kanok Studio
: Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Bangkok