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Concept stage

Beach Quarter Amari Hotel

The re-profiling of the existing standalone Mantra restaurant located on the North West corner of Beach road at Amari Pattaya. The redesign revolved around the building being converted from its existing F&B role to a largely meeting/event space using the existing volumes and BOH whilst introducing a new Caf้ to the South West corner facing a new landscaped lawn.

The brief called for an imaginative and cost effective segregation of spaces without significant changes to the building structure, envelope or frame. Architecturally there was a desire to ‘open’ up the building to the surrounding context – an enviable beach front location that was not being taken advantage of. The North West curved corner was our inspiration for reinterpreting the rest of the facade; the curve was opened up with full height curtain walling to maximize views in and out and flood the internal double height void with natural light. The introduction of external ‘fins’ to this space not only controlled the views and offered privacy but also formed the basis in terms of motif for the introduction of foldable external doors to the rest of the building which helped to add a ‘casual coastal chic’ aesthetic in line with the brief. The result is a welcoming and cozy ambience characterized by a light, open exterior and bright interior with maximum exposure and visibility to both hotel guests and passing traffic.

Beach Quarter Amari Hotel
: Pattaya, Thailand