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Urban Design

Grand President Hotel Retail Space

This renovation of a well known hotel on Soi 11 in central Bangkok consisted of the complete remodeling of the ground and second floor fa็ade to complement the redesigned layout of the lobby and three new retail units.

The design philosophy emphasized a streamlined fa็ade with a simple pallete of materials consisting of the entrance concourse, the new canopy as well as the glazing for the curtain walling. This simplicity gave the new fa็ade a sereneness that the busy Soi 11 is often lacking. With the need to attract potential tenants the clarity of design was imperative – to allow for new companies to stamp their own identity on to the premises. Carefully designed external areas, allocated to each retail space, allowed for further personalization of the new units and introduce a softer, welcoming edge to the ground floor through a sheltered set back of the building line.

Grand President Hotel Retail Space
: Soi Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok