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Public Buildings

PPTV Studios

Proposal for the new TV station for PPTV digital channel located in central Bangkok which will house news studio, rental studio spaces and PPTV own studios and office space. All studios will be equipped with the latest technology ready for HD and beyond. 

The design concept is to design a TV station that feels like a public building, and that is used like a public space. An iconic showcase project which aims to attract the general public to come and use the building and feel part of the digital process and TV production as well as concerts and multi-events. 

Varying degree of facade transparency will be experimented to different parts of the building to blur the boundary between private and public spaces. Outdoor spaces such as sky gardens will be carefully slotted in the facade to break up mass of the building.

PPTV Studios Concept sketches Concept sketches
: Bangkok, Thailand


: Concept Design